• Allyl sulfide
    • Onion makes people cry by this chemical.
  • Allicin
    • Garlic contains allicin. When the allicin decomposed to diallyl disulfide, it gives off strong smell.
  • Allyl isothiocyanate
    • Allyl isothiocyanate is made from glycoside of eggplant. Acrid taste and smell of mustard is from this allyl isothiocyanate.

Allyl in foods

Allyl sulfide

Allyl sufide makes people cry during cutting an onion.

PubChem image 11617


Garlics and green onions contains an allicin. When the allicin is decompoased to a diallyl disulfide, it gives off strong smell of garlic.

PubChem image 65036

Allyl isothiocyanate

Sinigrins of eggplants are decompoased to an allyl isothiocyanate. The allyl isothiocyanate is origin of acrid taste and smell of peppers.

PubChem image 5971