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Antibiotics are used for screening of cloned cells and maintaining cells.

Cell-wall synthesis inhibitors

Protein synthesis inhibitors

DNA break

RNA translation inhibitors



prokaryotes eukaryotes
bacteria fungiothers
gram pos.gram neg.
Penicillin G O X inhibition of cell-wall synthesis
Ampicillin O Δ(part of) X inhibition of cell-wall synthesis
Kanamycin O X aminoglycoside,30S
Neomycin O X aminoglycoside,30S
G418 O aminoglycoside,80S
Hygromycin B O aminoglycoside,70S
Streptomycin O X
Tetracycline O X 30S, A-site
Bleomycin O NR-glycopeptide, DNA
Chloramphenicol O X 50S
Amphotericin B X O X Ergosterol of fungi cell membrane


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