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 ^pK<​sub>​1</​sub>​(25℃)|2.10| ^pK<​sub>​1</​sub>​(25℃)|2.10|
 ^pK<​sub>​2</​sub>​(25℃)|8.84| ^pK<​sub>​2</​sub>​(25℃)|8.84|
-|{{pubchem>​small:236}}|| +|{{pubchem>​large:236}}||
- +
- +
-<jmol asn.pdb.gz 250 250></​jmol>​+
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   *[[Amino acids for SPPS]]   *[[Amino acids for SPPS]]
   *[[:​アスパラギン]]   *[[:​アスパラギン]]
-  *[[:​ko:​아스파라긴]] 
 {{tag>​Amino_acid Jmol Chemical_structure}} {{tag>​Amino_acid Jmol Chemical_structure}}