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 ======Asparagine====== ======Asparagine======
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 ^Name| L-Asparagine(((2S)-2-amino-3-carbamoyl-propanoic acid)) | ^Name| L-Asparagine(((2S)-2-amino-3-carbamoyl-propanoic acid)) |
 ^CAS No.|70-47-3| ^CAS No.|70-47-3|
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 ^pK<​sub>​1</​sub>​(25℃)|2.10| ^pK<​sub>​1</​sub>​(25℃)|2.10|
 ^pK<​sub>​2</​sub>​(25℃)|8.84| ^pK<​sub>​2</​sub>​(25℃)|8.84|
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-{{tag>​Amino_acid ​Jmol Chemical_structure}}+{{tag>en:Amino_acid ​en:Chemical_structure}}
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