Blunting sticky ends

Sticky-ends can be blunted with appropriate enzymes

Following enzymatic activities are utilized for blunting of DNA ends.

  • 5'→3' polymerase activity to 'fill-in'.
  • Deletion by exonuclease activity.
  • Digestion by endonuclease.

Notice that the structure of the ends depends on the activities of enzyme.

DNA polymerase

Almost commercially available blunting kits contain the DNA polymerase. It fills-in 3'-sticky ends and deletes 5'-sticky ends. The blunting kits are useful because you don't have to prepare the reaction buffer containing dNTP.

S1 Nuclease

S1 Nuclease is one of endonuclease that recognize single-strand DNA or RNA. It can cut phosphodiester bondings where the site is not hybridized. Therefore, it can blunt DNA ends as well as remove loop structures on the dsDNA.

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Enzymes of kits

VendorEnzyme in the blunting kit
TaKaRa BioT4 DNA Polymerase
Nippon geneT4 DNA Polymerase
TOYOBOKOD Polymerase

(on 2006.3.10)