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 +======Dimethyl sulfoxide======
 +A highly polar organic liquid, that is used widely as a chemical solvent. Because of its ability to penetrate biological membranes, it is used as a vehicle for topical application of pharmaceuticals. It is also used to protect tissue during cryopreservation. Dimethyl sulfoxide shows a range of pharmacological activity including analgesia and anti-inflammation.
 +^Name| Dimethyl sulfoxide((methylsulfinylmethane)),​ DMSO |
 +^MeSH| [[MeSH>​68004121]] |
 +^Molecular Weight| ​ 78.1344 g/mol  |
 +^Molecular Formula| <​chem>​C2H6OS</​chem>​ |
 +^d|1.1004 g/cm³|
 +^m.p.|18.5 ºC|
 +^b.p.|189 ºC|
 +^Viscosity|1.996 cP (20 ºC)|
 +^Dipole moment|3.96 D|