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Ethidium bromide

A trypanocidal agent and possible antiviral agent that is widely used in experimental cell biology and biochemistry. Ethidium has several experimentally useful properties including binding to nucleic acids, noncompetitive inhibition of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, and fluorescence among others. It is most commonly used as the bromide.

Name Ethidium bromide1)
Dromilac, EtBr
MeSH 68004996
Molecular Weight 394.308g/mol
Molecular Formula C21H20BrN3
Safety:!:HIGHLY carcinogenic

PubChem image 14710


EtBr 10mg/mL soln.

  1. Disolve 100mg of EtBr in 10mL H2O
  2. Store in a light-resistant container at 4 °C.

:!:EtBr is HIGHLY carcinogenic. Use gloves and an eye protector.


5-ethyl-6-phenyl-phenanthridine-3,8-diamine bromide