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 +<select Language>​
 +bio:​en:​Getting vector sequences|English
 +=====Getting vector sequences=====
 +Sequences of cloning vectors are available at the vendors of the vectors. However, ARSA search system of DDBJ might be faster to obtain the sequences.
 +===1. ARSA of DDBJ===
 +ARSA is one of searching system of the DDBJ.
 +In order to get the sequecnes of cloning vectors, you can use Standard Search.
 +[[http://​​arsa/​ddbjSearchInitial?​action=toppage&​locale=en|DDBJ:​ARSA page]]
 +===2. Setting query===
 +The following keywords are suitable for searching cloning vectors.
 +  -**Name**\\ Input the plasmid name such as '​pBluescript'​ in the query box. Don't forget prefix, '​p'​.
 +  -**cloning vector**\\ Input '​cloning vector'​. It is a suitable keyword for searching cloning vector in the database.
 +  -**circular**\\ Input '​circular'​ to refine the searching conditions.
 +====Search results====
 +If the results of your query is too many, add the fourth keyword to refine the searching conditions.
 +There are ACCESSION ID in the left column. ​ They are shared in the international databases such as DDBJ, GenBank and EMBL.
 +You can download several entries at once by checking of the results.