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-bio:​en:​IUPAC nucleotide definition|English 
 ======Nucleotide definition by IUPAC====== ======Nucleotide definition by IUPAC======
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   *[[Nucleobase]]   *[[Nucleobase]]
   *[[Codon table]]   *[[Codon table]]
-  *[[|IUPAC top]] +  *[[|IUPAC NT Abbriviations]]
-    *[[​misc/​naabb.html|Abbreviations and Symbols for Nucleic Acids, Polynucleotides and their Constituents]] +
-    *[[http://​​iupac/​misc/​pnuc1.html|Abbreviations and Symbols for the Description of Conformations of Polynucleotide Chains]]+
 {{tag>​Nucleobase Amino_acid en:Alias}} {{tag>​Nucleobase Amino_acid en:Alias}}
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