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 +bio:​en:​IUPAC nucleotide definition|English
 +======Nucleotide definition by IUPAC======
 +^Char^ATGC^Nomenclature of nucleobase^
 +|  G  |G|[[Guanine]]|
 +|  A  |A|[[Adenine]]|
 +|  T  |T|[[Thymine]]|
 +|  C  |C|[[Cytosine]]|
 +|  U  |U|[[Uracil]]|
 +|  R  |G or A|[[puRine]]|
 +|  Y  |T or C|[[pYrimidine]]|
 +|  M  |A or C|aMino \\ at 6-[[purine]] on 2-[[pyrimidine]]|
 +|  K  |G or T|Keto \\ at 6-[[purine]] / 2-[[pyrimidine]]|
 +|  S  |G or C|Strong interaction(H-bonds x 3)|
 +|  W  |A or T|Weak interaction(H-bonds x 2)|
 +|  H  |A or C or T|not-G, H follows G in the alphabet|
 +|  B  |G or T or C|not-A, B follows A|
 +|  V  |G or C or A|not-T(not-U),​ V follows U|
 +|  D  |G or A or T|not-C, D follows C|
 +|  N  |G or A or T or C|aNy|
 +  *[[Nucleobase]]
 +  *[[Codon table]]
 +  *[[http://​​iupac/​index.html|IUPAC top]]
 +    *[[http://​​iupac/​misc/​naabb.html|Abbreviations and Symbols for Nucleic Acids, Polynucleotides and their Constituents]]
 +    *[[http://​​iupac/​misc/​pnuc1.html|Abbreviations and Symbols for the Description of Conformations of Polynucleotide Chains]]
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