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 ======Lysine====== ======Lysine======
 +<WRAP left>
 ^Name| L-Lysine(((2S)-2,​6-diaminohexanoic acid)) | ^Name| L-Lysine(((2S)-2,​6-diaminohexanoic acid)) |
 ^MeSH| [[MeSH>​68008239]] | ^MeSH| [[MeSH>​68008239]] |
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 ^pK<​sub>​R</​sub>​(25℃)|10.79| ^pK<​sub>​R</​sub>​(25℃)|10.79|
 ^taste|bitter| ^taste|bitter|
-|{{pubchem>​large:​5962}}|| +</​WRAP>​ 
- +<WRAP left> 
- +{{pubchem>​large:​5962}} 
-<jmol lys.pdb.gz 250 250></jmol> +</WRAP> 
- +<WRAP clear/>
 ======Links====== ======Links======
   *[[Amino acid]]   *[[Amino acid]]
   *Basic amino acids   *Basic amino acids
     *[[Arginine]]     *[[Arginine]]
     *[[Histidine]]     *[[Histidine]]
-  *[[http://​​amino/​amino2j_e.html|Molecular model by JMol (]]{{icon>​molecule}} 
   *[[pubchem>​100113|Fmoc-Lys(Boc)-OH]]   *[[pubchem>​100113|Fmoc-Lys(Boc)-OH]]
-{{tag>​Basic_amino_acid Amino_acid Chemical_structure ​Jmol}}+{{tag>​Basic_amino_acid Amino_acid Chemical_structure}}