Molecule of the Month

Molecule of the month is the site that previews a protein per a month with a structure in the RCSB PDB site by D.S. Goodsell. The articles are really impressive with abundant visualized resources.

Other institution also introduce the molecules from another side of view.


1. Circadian Clock Proteins

PDB image
1R8J - Circadian Clock Protein
Crystal Structure Of Circadian Clock Protein Kaia From Synechococcus Elongatus
PDB image
2GBL - Circadian Clock Protein, Transferase
Crystal Structure Of Full Length Circadian Clock Protein Kaic With Phosphorylation Sites
Ligand: ATP|MG
PDB image
1R5P - Gene Regulation
Crystal Structure Analysis Of Kaib From Pcc7120

2. Small Interfering RNA (siRNA)

PDB image
2FFL - Translation,Hydrolase
Crystal Structure Of Dicer From Giardia Intestinalis
Ligand: MN
PDB image
2F8S - Rna Binding ProteinRNA
Crystal Structure Of Aa-Ago With Externally-Bound Sirna
PDB image
Crystal Structure Of Full Length Argonaute From Pyrococcus Furiosus

3. Cadherin

PDB image
1L3W - Cell Adhesion, Metal Binding Protein
C-Cadherin Ectodomain
Ligand: CA|NAG|NDG
PDB image
1I7X - Cell Adhesion
Beta-CateninE-Cadherin Complex

4. Adrenergic receptors

PDB image
2RH1 - Membrane Protein HYDROLASE
High Resolution Crystal Structure Of Human B2-Adrenergic G Protein- Coupled Receptor