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Molecule of the Month2001

Molecule of the month 2000


PDB image
1MBN - Oxygen Storage
The Stereochemistry Of The Protein Myoglobin
Ligand: HEM|O

Bacteriophage phiX174

PDB image
1CD3 - Virus
Procapsid Of Bacteriophage Phix174

DNA Polymerase

PDB image
1TAU - TransferaseDNA
Taq Polymerase (E.C. Complex
Ligand: BGL|ZN
PDB image
1KLN - TransferaseDNA
Dna Polymerase I Klenow Fragment (E.C. MutantDNA Complex
Ligand: ZN


PDB image
1CAG - Collagen
Crystal And Molecular Structure Of A Collagen-Like Peptide At 1.9 Angstrom Resolution
Ligand: ACY
PDB image
1BKV - Structural Protein
Ligand: ACY

Cytochrome c Oxidase

PDB image
1OCO - Oxidoreductase
Bovine Heart Cytochrome C Oxidase In Carbon Monoxide-Bound State

HIV-1 Protease

PDB image
7HVP - Hydrolase(Acid Proteinase)
X-Ray Crystallographic Structure Of A Complex Between A Synthetic Protease Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 And A Substrate-Based Hydroxyethylamine Inhibitor
Ligand: OME


PDB image
1AOI - Dna Binding ProteinDNA
Complex Between Nucleosome Core Particle (H3,H4,H2a,H2b) And 146 Bp Long Dna Fragment
Ligand: MN

Restriction Enzymes

PDB image
1RVA - HydrolaseDNA
Mg2+ Binding To The Active Site Of Eco Rv Endonuclease: A Crystallographic Study Of Complexes With Substrate And Product Dna At 2 Angstroms Resolution
PDB image
1RVC - HydrolaseDNA
Mg2+ Binding To The Active Site Of Eco Rv Endonuclease: A Crystallographic Study Of Complexes With Substrate And Product Dna At 2 Angstroms Resolution
Ligand: MG


PDB image
2LYZ - Hydrolase (O-Glycosyl)
Real-Space Refinement Of The Structure Of Hen Egg-White Lysozyme
PDB image
1LYD - Hydrolase (O-Glycosyl)
Crystal Structure Of T4-Lysozyme Generated From Synthetic Coding Dna Expressed In Escherichia Coli
PDB image
1L35 - Hydrolase (O-Glycosyl)
Structure Of A Thermostable Disulfide-Bridge Mutant Of Phage T4 Lysozyme Shows That An Engineered Crosslink In A Flexible Region Does Not Increase The Rigidity Of The Folded Protein


PDB image
1S1I - Ribosome
Structure Of The Ribosomal 80s-Eef2-Sordarin Complex From Yeast Obtained By Docking Atomic Models For Rna And Protein Components Into A 11.7 A Cryo-Em Map. This File, 1s1i, Contains 60s Subunit. The 40s Ribosomal Subunit Is In File 1s1h


PDB image
1RCX - Lyase (Carbon-Carbon)
Non-Activated Spinach Rubisco In Complex With Its Substrate Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate
Ligand: RUB
PDB image
1RLC - Lyase(Carbon-Carbon)
Crystal Structure Of The Unactivated Ribulose 1, 5- Bisphosphate Carboxylase(Slash)oxygenase Complexed With A Transition State Analog, 2-Carboxy-D-Arabinitol 1,5- Bisphosphate
Ligand: CAP
PDB image
9RUB - Lyase(Carbon-Carbon)
Crystal Structure Of Activated Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase Complexed With Its Substrate, Ribulose-1,5- Bisphosphate
Ligand: FMT|MG|RUB


PDB image
5PEP - Hydrolase(Acid Proteinase)
X-Ray Analyses Of Aspartic Proteases. Ii. Three-Dimensional Structure Of The Hexagonal Crystal Form Of Porcine Pepsin At 2.3 Angstroms Resolution
PDB image
3PSG - Hydrolase(Acid Proteinase Zymogen)
The High Resolution Crystal Structure Of Porcine Pepsinogen
PDB image
4CMS - Hydrolase (Acid Proteinase)
X-Ray Analyses Of Aspartic Proteinases Iv. Structure And Refinement At 2.2 Angstroms Resolution Of Bovine Chymosin
PDB image
1LYB - Lysosomal Aspartic Protease
Crystal Structures Of Native And Inhibited Forms Of Human Cathepsin D: Implications For Lysosomal Targeting And Drug Design
PDB image
1HRN - Aspartic Proteinase
High Resolution Crystal Structures Of Recombinant Human Renin In Complex With Polyhydroxymonoamide Inhibitors
PDB image
4APE - Hydrolase (Acid Proteinase)
The Active Site Of Aspartic Proteinases

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