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Molecule of the Month2000 - Molecule of the Month2002

Molecule of the month 2001

Alcohol Dehydrogenase

PDB image
1HTB - Oxidoreductase
Crystallization Of Human Beta3 Alcohol Dehydrogenase (10 MgML) IN 100 MM SODIUM PHOSPHATE (PH 7.5), 7.5 MM NAD+ And 1 Mm 4-Iodopyrazole At 25 C
PDB image
6ADH - Oxidoreductase (Nad(A)-Choh(D))
Structure Of Triclinic Ternary Complex Of Horse Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase At 2.9 Angstroms Resolution
Ligand: DMS|NAD|ZN
PDB image
1AGN - Oxidoreductase
X-Ray Structure Of Human Sigma Alcohol Dehydrogenase
Ligand: ACT|NAD|ZN


PDB image
4INS - Hormone
The Structure Of 2zn Pig Insulin Crystals At 1.5 Angstroms Resolution
Ligand: ZN


PDB image
4TNA - Amino-Acid Transport
Further Refinement Of The Structure Of Yeast T-Rna-Phe
Ligand: MG
PDB image
2TRA - Amino-Acid Transport
Restrained Refinement Of Two Crystalline Forms Of Yeast Aspartic Acid And Phenylalanine Transfer Rna Crystals
Ligand: MG|SPM
PDB image
1YFG - Amino-Acid Transport
Yeast Initiator Trna

Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases

PDB image
1ASZ - Complex (Aminoacyl-Trna SynthaseTRNA)
The Active Site Of Yeast Aspartyl-Trna Synthetase: Structural And Functional Aspects Of The Aminoacylation Reaction
Ligand: ATP
PDB image
1SET - Ligase(Synthetase)
Crystal Structures At 2.5 Angstroms Resolution Of Seryl- Trna Synthetase Complexed With Two Different Analogues Of Seryl-Adenylate
Ligand: SSA


PDB image
1PRH - Oxidoreductase(Dioxygenase, Peroxidase)
The X-Ray Crystal Structure Of The Membrane Protein Prostaglandin H2 Synthase-1
Ligand: HEM


PDB image
1B7T - Myosin
Myosin Digested By Papain
Ligand: ADP|CA|MG


PDB image
1ATN - Endodeoxyribonuclease
Atomic Structure Of The Actin:dnase I Complex
PDB image
no NCBI Summary XML
PDB image
1YVN - Structural Protein
The Yeast Actin Val 159 Asn Mutant Complex With Human Gelsolin Segment 1
Ligand: ATP|CA|MG|SO4
PDB image
1HLU - Complex (AcetylationACTIN-Binding)
Structure Of Bovine Beta-Actin-Profilin Complex With Actin Bound Atp Phosphates Solvent Accessible
Ligand: ACE|ATP|CA

Poliovirus and Rhinovirus

PDB image
2PLV - Virus
Structural Factors That Control Conformational Transitions And Serotype Specificity In Type 3 Poliovirus
Ligand: MYR|SPH
PDB image
4RHV - Virus
The Use Of Molecular-Replacement Phases For The Refinement Of The Human Rhinovirus 14 Structure
PDB image
1BBT - Virus
Methods Used In The Structure Determination Of Foot And Mouth Disease Virus


PDB image
1IGT - Immunoglobulin
Structure Of Immunoglobulin
PDB image
1FDL - Complex (Antibody-Antigen)
Crystallographic Refinement Of The Three-Dimensional Structure Of The Fab D1.3-Lysozyme Complex At 2.5- Angstroms Resolution
PDB image
no NCBI Summary XML
PDB image
3HFM - Complex(Antibody-Antigen)
Structure Of An Antibody-Antigen Complex. Crystal Structure Of The HyHEL-10 Fab-Lysozyme Complex
PDB image
1C1E - Immune System
Crystal Structure Of A Diels-Alderase Catalytic Antibody 1e9 In Complex With Its Hapten
Ligand: DMR|ENH

Photosystem I

PDB image
1JB0 - Photosynthesis
Crystal Structure Of Photosystem I: A Photosynthetic Reaction Center And Core Antenna System From Cyanobacteria


PDB image
1BNA - Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Structure Of A B-Dna Dodecamer. Conformation And Dynamics

Glycogen Phosphorylase

PDB image
6GPB - Glycogen Phosphorylase
Refined Crystal Structure Of The Phosphorylase-Heptulose 2- Phosphate-Oligosaccharide-Amp Complex

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