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Molecule of the month 2002


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1PPB - Hydrolase(Serine Proteinase)
The Refined 1.9 Angstroms Crystal Structure Of Human Alpha- Thrombin: Interaction With D-Phe-Pro-Arg Chloromethylketone And Significance Of The Tyr-Pro-Pro-Trp Insertion Segment


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1N2C - Complex Of Nitrogenase Proteins
Nitrogenase Complex From Azotobacter Vinelandii Stabilized By Adp-Tetrafluoroaluminate


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1FBB - Proton Transport
Crystal Structure Of Native Conformation Of Bacteriorhodopsin
Ligand: RET

Anthrax Toxin

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1ACC - Toxin
Anthrax Protective Antigen
Ligand: CA
PDB image
Crystal Structure Of The Adenylyl Cyclase Domain Of Anthrax Edema Factor (Ef) In Complex With Calmodulin And 3' Deoxy- Atp
Ligand: 3AT|CA|YB
PDB image
1JKY - Toxin
Crystal Structure Of The Anthrax Lethal Factor (Lf): Wild- Type Lf Complexed With The N-Terminal Sequence Of Mapkk2

Penicillin-binding Proteins

PDB image
3PTE - Hydrolase, Transpeptidase
The Refined Crystallographic Structure Of A Dd-Peptidase Penicillin-Target Enzyme At 1.6 A Resolution

Glutamine Synthetase

PDB image
1FPY - Ligase
Crystal Structure Of Glutamine Synthetase From Salmonella Typhimurium With Inhibitor Phosphinothricin
Ligand: ADP|MN|PPQ


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1OLG - Anti-Oncogene
High-Resolution Solution Structure Of The Oligomerization Domain Of P53 By Multi-Dimensional Nmr
PDB image
1TUP - Antitumor ProteinDNA
Tumor Suppressor P53 Complexed With Dna
Ligand: ZN
PDB image
1YCQ - Complex (Oncogene ProteinPEPTIDE)
Xenopus Laevis Mdm2 Bound To The Transactivation Domain Of Human P53


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1AON - Complex (GroelGROES)
Crystal Structure Of The Asymmetric Chaperonin Complex GroelGROES(ADP)7
Ligand: ADP|MG
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1DKG - Complex (Hsp24HSP70)
Crystal Structure Of The Nucleotide Exchange Factor Grpe Bound To The Atpase Domain Of The Molecular Chaperone Dnak

Reverse Transcriptase

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2HMI - Immune SystemDNA
Hiv-1 Reverse TranscriptaseFRAGMENT OF FAB 28DNA COMPLEX

Dihydrofolate Reductase

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7DFR - Oxido-Reductase
Crystal Structures Of Escherichia Coli Dihydrofolate Reductase. The Nadp+ Holoenzyme And The Folate(Dot)nadp+ Ternary Complex. Substrate Binding And A Model For The Transition State
Ligand: FOL|NAP

Ferritin and Transferrin

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1FHA - Iron Storage
Solving The Structure Of Human H Ferritin By Genetically Engineering Intermolecular Crystal Contacts
Ligand: CA|FE
PDB image
1H76 - Iron Transport
The Crystal Structure Of Diferric Porcine Serum Transferrin
Ligand: CO3|FE|NAG

Cytochrome c

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3CYT - Electron Transport (Heme Protein)
Redox Conformation Changes In Refined Tuna Cytochrome C
Ligand: ACE|HEM