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Molecule of the Month in 2005

Phenylalanine Hydroxylase


PubChem image 6140


PubChem image 6057

PDB image
2PAH - Hydroxylase
Tetrameric Human Phenylalanine Hydroxylase
Ligand: FE
PDB image
1PHZ - Oxidoreductase
Structure Of Phosphorylated Phenylalanine Hydroxylase
Ligand: FE


PDB image
1HSA - Histocompatibility Antigen
The Three-Dimensional Structure Of Hla-B27 At 2.1 Angstroms Resolution Suggests A General Mechanism For Tight Peptide Binding To Mhc
PDB image
1DLH - Histocompatibility Antigen
Crystal Structure Of The Human Class Ii Mhc Protein Hla-Dr1 Complexed With An Influenza Virus Peptide
Ligand: NAG|NDG

T-Cell Receptor

PDB image
1TCR - Receptor
Murine T-Cell Antigen Receptor 2c Clone


PDB image
3KIN - Motor Protein
Kinesin (Dimeric) From Rattus Norvegicus
Ligand: ADP

Self-splicing RNA

PDB image
1U6B - Structural ProteinRNA
Crystal Structure Of A Self-Splicing Group I Intron With Both Exons
Ligand: K|MG

Carotenoid Oxygenase

PDB image
2BIW - Oxidoreductase
Crystal Structure Of Apocarotenoid Cleavage Oxygenase From Synechocystis, Native Enzyme
Ligand: 3ON|FE

TATA-Binding Protein

PDB image
1YTB - TranscriptionDNA
Crystal Structure Of A Yeast TbpTATA-Box Complex
PDB image
1TGH - TranscriptionDNA
Tata Binding Protein (Tbp)DNA COMPLEX
PDB image
1CDW - TranscriptionDNA
Human Tbp Core Domain Complexed With Dna


PDB image
1BET - Growth Factor
New Protein Fold Revealed By A 2.3 Angstrom Resolution Crystal Structure Of Nerve Growth Factor

Cholera Toxin

Designer Proteins

PDB image
1QYS - De Novo Protein
Crystal Structure Of Top7: A Computationally Designed Protein With A Novel Fold
PDB image
2ZTA - Leucine Zipper
X-Ray Structure Of The Gcn4 Leucine Zipper, A Two-Stranded, Parallel Coiled Coil
Ligand: ACE
PDB image
1COS - Alpha-Helical Bundle
Crystal Structure Of A Synthetic Triple-Stranded Alpha- Helical Bundle
Ligand: ACE|N

Acetylcholine Receptor

PDB image
2BG9 - Ion ChannelRECEPTOR
Refined Structure Of The Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor At 4a Resolution

ATP Synthase

PDB image
1C17 - Membrane Protein
A1c12 Subcomplex Of F1fo Atp Synthase
PDB image
1E79 - Atp Phosphorylase
Bovine F1-Atpase Inhibited By Dccd (Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide)
PDB image
2A7U - Hydrolase
Nmr Solution Structure Of The E.Coli F-Atpase Delta Subunit N-Terminal Domain In Complex With Alpha Subunit N-Terminal 22 Residues
PDB image
1L2P - Hydrolase
Atp Synthase B Subunit Dimerization Domain