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 +======PCI extraction======
 +PCI (phenol-chloroform-isoamylalchol) extraction is applied to remove protein portion in the solution to extract nucleicacids.
 +  -Add PCI solution to DNA solution.
 +  -Close lid tightly and vortex briefly.
 +  -Centrifuge for 5-15min at 10,000 rpm.
 +  -Carefully transfer aqueous layer (DNA solution) into a new tube.\\ Precipitates are denatured proteins.
 +  -Repeat #1 to #4 while the precipitates appears.
 +  -Finally, add chloroform and vortex briefly, and centrifuge.\\ This process is to transfer phenol in the aqueous layer to the chloroform layer.
 +  -Collect aqueous layer and extract DNA by [[Ethanol precipitation]].
 +====for DNA extraction====
 +  *Tris saturated phenol + CIA(1:1)
 +====for RNA extraction====
 +  *<​chem>​H2O</​chem>​ saturated phenol + CIA(1:1)
 +  *Chloroform + isoamylalchol (24:1)
 +====Water-saturated phenol====
 +  *Liquid phenol + <​chem>​H2O</​chem>​ (4:1)
 +  *[[en:​Ethanol precipitation]]
 +  *[[en:​Butanol condensation]]