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 +====== TBE buffer ======
 +TBE buffer is Tris-borate buffer containing EDTA for gel electrophoreses.
 +====10x TBE====
 +Mix the followings and adjust the volume to 1L.
 +Store at room temperature and dillute on your using.
 +|[[Tris]]|108 g|
 +|Boric acid|55 g|
 +|[[EDTA]]・2Na (2<​chem>​H2O</​chem>​)|3.7 g|
 +|10x TBE|890mM Tris-borate/​ 20mM EDTA|
 +|Working (1x)|89 mM Tris-borate / 2 mM EDTA|
 +0.5x TBE works well for agarose GE.
 +  *[[Tris]]
 +  *[[EDTA]]
 +  *[[Comparison between TAE and TBE]]
 +  *[[TAE buffer]]
 +{{tag>​Buffer Preparation}}