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 +======Units'​ memo======
 +====Gibbs'​ free energy====
 +|ΔG|Change of Gibbs' free energy|
 +|ΔGº|ΔG at standard conditions(298K and 1atm)|
 +|ΔGº'​|ΔGº at pH7|
 +====J vs Cal====
 +|1 J|0.2388 cal|
 +|1 cal|4.1868 J|
 +|Gas constant, R||
 +|8.314 J/​K・mol|1.987 cal/​K・mol|
 +^unit^name^length/​ m^
 +|Å|angstrom|1/​10,​000,​000,​000 = 0.1 nm|