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Agarose gel Agarose gel An agarose gel is commonly used for electrophoresis of DNA (100bp -60kbp) to segregation and/or purification. Concentration of agarose vs. length of DNA agarose conc. % (w/v) DNA (kbp) in TAE DNA (kbp) in TBE 0.3 , ,
BPB BPB -> Bromophenol blue en:alias electrophoresis dye marker , , ,
Bromophenol blue Bromophenol blue Links * Cyanol FF * Polyacrylamide gel * ブロモフェノールブルー electrophoresis dye marker , ,
Cyanol FF Cyanol FF Links * Bromophenol blue * Polyacrylamide gel * キシレンシアノールFF electrophoresis dye marker , ,
Polyacrylamide gel Polyacrylamide gel A polyacrylamide gel is commonly used for electrophoresis of small DNAs (~10 - 2000bp). An agarose gel is also used for electrophoresis for more long DNA strands. Concentration of acrylamide vs. length of DNA conc. of acrylamide % (w/v) DNA (bp) , , ,
XC XC -> Cyanol FF en:alias electrophoresis dye marker , , ,